2013-05-17 - 10:11 p.m.

So my sister told us last Sunday that she's pregnant. About 11 weeks along, putting the due date sometime around December 4th.

I wasn't really paying attention, just thought my sister was rambling, so I kind of missed the big reveal. I was eating chips and salsa and looking off and heard something about "heartbeat" and an inner voice kicked me and said pay attention you jerk so I turned to see her hand my mom an ultrasound pic.

Then she turned to me and told me I was in charge of the baby shower. Later she told Watson that she wanted me in charge because I was "a big child with an evil genius brain" who would not make her baby shower boring.

Then she told us that she wanted to wait until my birthday to tell us so she could steal my birthday thunder, and it made me laugh.

Really, though, the idea of a little baby nephew or niece to corrupt and drown with awesomeness may be the best birthday gift ever.

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